A dedication to music's sweaty past and a tribute to its bold future. Music... The holy grail, the last leap from the ledge, the beating heart of the collective consciousness, a call to arms-a call to ears-music lovers of the world unite. Break the chains of wax in your blocked canals and let your heart rediscover the tribal bliss that is part of your human heritage - the kind of bliss achieved by rhythm, vibrations and beats.

When We Bang The Drum

May 19, 2008

When we bang the drum and break the doldrums open
with shots like pistols from Poseidon’s personal arsenal
we set the self in motion and change our position.
We ply open the playing field to secure a potion-
a panacea which will stop the repetition-
which will mend our condition and show us salvation.
It’s time for undulation!
Float on waves of understanding with ears open eating everything-
every angelic sound from key and string.
If you are not blessed with coordination
you can still understand the condition
and make the decision to tap the river gently.
You can bring your skin with no rhythm-
You are not unwelcome!
We are all danceless until our legs start moving
and the blood starts flowing
and the synapses start exploding-
That’s when the realization hits the ground running
and you can see in your stride
what it means
to drum the dream of freedom.

Posted by Steve Gang and Paul Led

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