A dedication to music's sweaty past and a tribute to its bold future. Music... The holy grail, the last leap from the ledge, the beating heart of the collective consciousness, a call to arms-a call to ears-music lovers of the world unite. Break the chains of wax in your blocked canals and let your heart rediscover the tribal bliss that is part of your human heritage - the kind of bliss achieved by rhythm, vibrations and beats.

Come Together

December 29, 2012

In other countries/cultures people see each other not as separate and alone but rather together as one, on the path of life, with each person existing as an integral part of the whole. I’ve always naturally felt that this should be a very natural goal for all of humanity, as history and science have proven time and time again that human beings thrive in a state of mutual dependency – with the company and support of other human beings.

But in the modern day US, putting this notion into practice seems quite impossible. You don’t have to look far to observe the individualist mindset, the insecurity, FEAR, and resistance to change that so blankets large pockets and sects of this country.  Start by turning off your television and turning up the music.

Music is Universal Language – Music Binds Us All

Paul Led

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